Guerrilla Soul: ‘See The Sun’

‘See The Sun’ released 27th February.

If you haven't heard of Guerrilla Soul, you soon will. Formed at college in 2018, the London-based band have been years in the making, finding strength and inspiration in their music through the diverse London inner-city buzz. Guerrilla Soul have honed their own sound through an eclectic blend of spontaneity and improvisation, with the finished product being a soulful and electric sound. I strongly advise you to go all-in with these guys, because it’s certain that you will be hearing a lot more from them in the future. Having spent the first few months of 2020 playing various London venues such as Leytonstone’s Luna Lounge, and dates lined up at the Dublin Castle in Camden, the halt to live shows due to COVID-19 may have seen the band derailed and lacking in motivation, but quite the opposite. Instead, the band are heavily anticipated to re-enter the live music scene with a bang.

Guerrilla Soul’s new single is split into two sections, and it is quite ironic how the energy of the song has coincided with the change in seasons. As we drift out of the cold, long winter months, and into a Spring full of hope and warmer weather, we have been treated to their new release titled “See The Sun”, and wow, when you listen to it you certainly feel as though you can see the sun. The opening of the song is incredibly mellow and ever so slightly Jazzy, to be then met with a cascade of brilliant, punchy guitar-driven melodies. If the beginning of the song is when you “See The Sun” the latter part of the song certainly emulates the sun going down on those mental summer nights where anything can happen, and the energy is at an all-time high.

Working hard behind the scenes, ready for action when the world opens.

“See The Sun” is the band’s first self-written song, featuring catchy riffs and layered compositions as they bring a brand new element to the alternative rock genre. Guitarist Cian explains: “We hoped this would reflect not just the excitement of change and new experiences but also the nostalgia that a lot of people feel towards their adolescence — it’s pretty and glamorous in hindsight but it takes you truly reflecting on those times to really appreciate how amazing they are and more importantly how, in so many ways, they feel so inconsequential.” To create such a unique sound at the very beginning of your musical career is very hard to do, and to do it whilst maintaining the same level of consistency is even more impressive.

Guerrilla Soul destined for big things.

Guerrilla Soul are full of fresh new ideas that they are ready to release onto the music scene, and you can see exactly how from the release of “See The Sun” that they are all set to do so. As these guys progress with their music, it is becoming increasingly more and more exciting to know that the alt-rock genre in the UK is in very safe hands. What a year 2021 is going to be for Guerrilla Soul.



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