Peggy Gou vs Daniel Wang: Gou Wins

Ben Broyd
3 min readDec 15, 2020


The whole Peggy Gou vs Daniel Wang debacle may be utterly ridiculous and undeserving of an article, but since she responded to it on her Instagram, and it has somewhat spiraled out of control and caused cases of rampant misogyny directed at Peggy, and women in music, it seemed wise to write something. The story follows the feud between two Berlin-based DJs, stemming from an angry Facebook post from Daniel Wang.

Peggy Gou

Daniel Wang is a DJ and producer currently residing in Berlin. He wrote in a very long (and slightly exhausting) Facebook post accusing his former neighbour Peggy Gou of being abusive and narcissistic towards him and the other residents, having a ghost producer (something which almost every successful woman DJ has to deal with) and in general not being a nice person. The whole debacle reeks of someone being slightly envious that the other person’s career took off whilst he stagnated.

The post does somewhat lose its credibility when Wang begins to attack Peggy Gou for her wearing designer clothes, makeup, and taking pictures of herself for Instagram. This is something I’m sure Peggy can deal with, but when he starts slating Gou for her producing skills, accusing her of using a ghost producer, it suddenly is an attack on all woman DJs in music.

Daniel Wang

In her post on Instagram, Peggy Gou explains: “I am not the type of person that has been described, and I will never regret standing up for myself.” She furthers this by stating “I do think it’s important to consider this weak shitpost about women making music is enabling sexist behaviour and more. You should never let anyone bring you down. I wish him and the haters all the best.”

However, for some added nuance to this article, Peggy Gou playing MDL Beast was something that no DJ should have done, and her response to the criticism was off-hand. In saying that, she was not the only DJ to perform a set in Saudi Arabia. Why should she be the only one singled out when the likes of David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Nora En Pure, Martin Garrix, and Eagles & Butterflies, and many more all took the Saudi blood money.

Peggy Gou Wins

Aside from all this, there is one thing that Peggy feels guilty about… It’s having too many pairs of shoes. But in the words of Peggy Gou herself “I’m Peggy Shoe after all.”



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