The A.V. Club: Mistakes

The A.V. Club have been thriving since they first got together, carefully dropping intricately crafted indie-pop anthems since early 2020, and their hard work behind the scenes has seen them capture the attention of many. So much so that Radio X’s John Kennedy tipped them as a ‘One To Watch’ on his show, which tells you all you need to know about these guys. The A.V. Club released their new single ‘Mistakes’ on Friday 5th March 2021, and trust me, there have been no errors in the production of this song.

Warrington band, The A.V. Club

Having enjoyed previous success with the release of their EP ‘Youthful Illusions’, the band quickly struck whilst the iron was still hot and followed it up with singles ‘Over U’ and ‘Real Love’, to satisfy the needs of their ever-growing fan base. The Warrington quartet’s passion for music and their fans’ craving for new music saw them return with their euphoric ‘Mistakes’. Depicting an anthem for reckless young lovers, ‘Mistakes’ tells the story of a person living with regret over a previous relationship and reflecting on their heartache. It is a very relatable story, one that will resonate with many, and simply adds to the reason why so many people are going crazy for The A.V. Club.

‘Ones To Watch’ – John Kennedy, Radio X

‘Mistakes’ was written in a matter of horse whilst singer Joe was waiting to go on a night out during the brief period of time that lockdown was eased. The full demo, including all instrumentation, was tracked by Joe at his home studio before it was completed by the full band at Matchbox Studios. ‘Mistakes’ is the perfect blend of nostalgic 80s combined with modern-day enthusiasm. It has that little something that so many bands attempt to attain throughout their whole careers, it has that effortless euphoria that just makes you feel amazing. Fans of the likes of The 1975, Sea Girls, and Swim Deep will be utterly infatuated by these guys.

Mistakes’ is now available on all streaming and purchasing platforms.

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