The Story of Jordy: UK’s Hottest Prospect.

Ben Broyd
3 min readOct 6, 2021

There may be a fuel shortage in the U.K. right now, but that doesn’t appear to have affected Jordy as he’s firing on all cylinders at the moment. Hailing from North London, Jordy’s music is a complete representation of his personality; honest, straight-talking, and emotional, all whilst not taking himself or life too seriously. It’s probably because of this why Jordy is attracting such an audience. In a time where it has become so easy to see through artists and gauge from the off whether they are fake or not, with Jordy, what you see is what you get — a truly talented individual.

Although the rapper now resides in Essex, it is clear to see his London upbringing has infused itself within his music with the Garage, Grime, Hip-Hop, and Reggae tones remaining ever-present. Still early on in his musical career, Jordy has hit some huge landmarks including performing with Ghetts to a sold-out show at Islington Assembly, being part of the Vibbar collective, working with the likes of JME and Kojey Radical, and his fan favourite single, “A13” now amassing over 4 million streams.

Released in June, Jordy’s ‘SMH’ glides across different genres ranging from Grime, Rap, and Alt-Hip-Hop, with the various influences resulting in a smooth, boundary-pushing project that has captured the attention of music-lovers all around the world. ‘SMH’ produced by long-term collaborators Jojo Mukeza and Daniel Milesis is an EP that has not only provided people with an incredible listening experience but has propelled Jordy into a household name. Stand-out singles ‘Cherry B’, ‘Crinkum Crankum’ and ‘Die 4 The Bro’ have garnered huge support in the scene and provided an undeniable hunger for his music after a brief hiatus.

On his highly anticipated return, Jordy has stepped out of his comfort zone and unlocked new levels of creativity and maturity which now sets him apart from the rest. Jordy was always an artist with a huge amount of potential, but now it is so clear to see that he is an artist edging ever closer to the finished article, and what a gift he is to the U.K. music scene.

With his latest EP showcasing his profound penship, wheel-up worthy punchlines, and dynamic flow, Jordy has displayed exactly why he is one of the defining voices in music right now.

Ben Broyd

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